Jacob Diehl Flinchbaugh
York Pennsylvania

Jacob Diehl Flinchbaugh born 1837 died 1872  Important note about Jacob's children
married Agnus Ann (Nancy) Reichard  - she died very young -  children taken in by the Reichards and Stabley's
Nancy Reichard's father was George Reichard

                              Children of Jacob Flinchbaugh and Agnus Ann  Reichard:

Elizabeth Jane Flinchbaugh  born Feb 29 1860, Chanceford Township, York, Pennsylvania
died May 30  1940, Dallastown, York, Pennsylvania
married Daniel S Hildebrand

James Isaiah Flinchbaugh born Dec. 27, 1862 Felton Pa  died  April 06 1917 Columbus Ohio
married Ida May Diehl daughter of Jacob Diehl and Susan Mitzel

Jacob Franklin Flinchbaugh born 1864 died June 22 1924 
Burial: Prospect Hill Cem., York Co., PA
married  Aravilla Virgina Bupp

William Augustus Flinchbaugh born May 21, 1866   died Sept 07 1913
married Mary Ellen Sechrist born March 10 1867  died: Oct 31, 1912 York County Pa

                                               Children of William and Mary Ellen:

William H Flinchbaugh  Born: Oct 01, 1887 in York County, Pa    Died: Mar 22, 1910 in Allegheny, Pa

Carrie M Flinchbaugh  Born: Jun 1889 in York County, Pa    Died: 1940 in York County, Pa
married Curvin J. Hoffman born Jun 23 1889 Hopewell Twp York Pa Died 1965 York  Pa
Ruth H. Hoffman  born Sep 10 1917 York County Pa  died: Sep 06, 1998 York County Pa
married Stuart Bixler  born Sep 27 1917  died Dec 1973
Earl M Flinchbaugh  born Jul 30 1894 York City York County Pa  died Jan 03 1947 York County Pa
married Ruth Bailey  born September 22 1893  died May 10 1946 York County Pa
Earl worked at the Flinchbaugh Brothers Clothing Store for many years

                                                                      Children of Earl and Ruth:

Robert E Flinchbaugh 

Richard M Flinchbaugh 

Ruth Erlyne Flinchbaugh  born Jun 10 1915 York County Pa died April 5 1940 York County Pa

James Flinchbaugh  Born: Abt. 1933

Donald R Flinchbaugh  born Sep 09 1916 York County Pa  died Nov 20 1993 York County, Pa
married Kay E Beck  born Oct 13 1935 York County Pa  died Dec 11 1994 York County, Pa
Jean K Flinchbaugh  born(?) died October 02 1993 York County Pa

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